Aggregates all metrics and events to be analyzed by Dev and Ops teams.

Datadog integration with AlertOps aggregates all metrics and events in one place so they can be analyzed by development and operations teams.

You can send alerts from Datadog to AlertOps.
  • The AlertOps Datadog integration allows you to open and close alerts sent from Datadog.
  • AlertOps can link back to the Datadog alert.
  • In AlertOps, you can craft a custom message to be sent out with the alert using any field from the inbound JSON.
  • You can map any inbound field to a custom field in AlertOps.
  • You can map any inbound field to the topic field in AlertOps, and use topics to track incidents and also to route incidents to teams.

These are examples of just some of the things you can do with Datadog and AlertOps.