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A set of API debugging and testing tools.

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AlertOps & Runscope Integration

Learn more about Runscope

Runscope is a set of API debugging and testing tools. Developers and operations teams can use Runscope Radar to monitor their APIs via scheduled test.

Runscope can send alerts to AlertOps.

  • AlertOps will open a new incident when an alert is received from Runscope with a status of fail.
  • AlertOps will close the same incident when an alert is received with a status of pass.
  • In AlertOps, you can craft a custom message to be sent out with the alert using any field from the inbound JSON.
  • You can map any inbound field to a custom field in AlertOps.
  • You can map any inbound field to the topic field in AlertOps, and use topics to track incidents and also to route incidents to teams.

These are examples of just some of the things you can do with Runscope and AlertOps.

AlertOps has many features to make your incident management life easier: multi-modal communication, teams with on-call schedules, customizable messages, routing rules, customizable workflows and escalations, SLA based severity management and much more.

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