Offers advanced automation and process workflow for the enterprise.

ServiceNow delivers digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity. Using ServiceNow and AlertOps you can create powerful two-way integrations with a completely no-code experience.

You can use ServiceNow to send alerts to AlertOps using the Generic REST API. You can do this using any of ServiceNow’s modules, and you can send any field from Service Now. You can also send messages to ServiceNow from AlertOps using the Generic Outbound API.

Using these features, you can create powerful automation scenarios:
  • When a critical Service Now Incident is created, create an AlertOps alert.
  • When an AlertOps alert is created, create a ServiceNow incident.
  • When an alert owner is assigned in AlertOps, update the status in ServiceNow.
  • When an incident owner is assigned in ServiceNow, update the owner in AlertOps.
  • When an alert is closed in AlertOps, close the incident in ServiceNow.
  • When an incident is closed in ServiceNow, close the alert in AlertOps.

These are just some of the ways you can make ServiceNow and AlertOps talk to each other. And all of this can be done without writing any code.

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