Major Incident Management

Mobilize teams during major incidents and peak scenarios
According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is
$ 0 per minute

Quickly mobilize your major incident response team (and notify stakeholders).

Immediate response is crucial during the first few seconds that a major incident is declared. Standard procedure calls for a team of tech responders, often with different skill sets, to combine their knowledge in order to solve a major incident. And with AlertOps, you can include new teams to the incident based on department, team, or skillset – through the Desktop or Mobile app. A modern approach helps drastically reduce the time it takes to respond when a major incident is declared.


Now, you can mobilize teams with complex schedules, methods of communication and skill-sets easily, and in just a few clicks. A ‘blast’ is sent to key teams and escalations happen automatically, when the primary person fails to respond within the required time.

Send Sev1 ‘Blast’ notifications to multiple tech responders simultaneously.

Transform how you respond during P1 Incidents and reduce MTTR by up to 30 minutes.
Easily ensure that escalations are automated to backups when the primary person fails to respond within a required time frame.
Provide outage communications to multiple teams and stakeholders.
During a major incident, stakeholders and customers need to be made aware and kept informed of the situation so they can prepare a response accordingly. Any delay could result in an impact to customer experience. This can easily be prevented by transitioning to automatically triggered procedures and policy during a major outage. Furthermore, to ensure the recipient receives a message, you can easily deliver strategic business messaging to stakeholders using multiple communication channels such as: Email, SMS, Voice and Push notifications.
Resolve Major Incidents at Light-speed. with Improved Granularity and Flexibility.

Improve Collaboration Between Your Platforms, People, and Processes Like Never Before.

Reduce Mean time to Repair (MTTR) with SmartAlerts and an advanced workflow engine that uses an Open API – giving you granular options and enhanced capabilities. For example, when an incident occurs, automatically open a ticket in ServiceNow, update Slack and create a Slack Channel, Update your Status Page, and notify your on-call team based on the type of incident – simultaneously.