Stride (formerly HipChat) is a cloud-based communication tool that helps teams communicate more effectively and stay active in solving problems and resolving incidents. Stride is incredible for spreading information around your teams.

But, Stride needs a way to collect information from monitoring tools  in order for your teams to pass it around and use the info to get things done.

AlertOps puts information from your monitoring system into your Stride conversations, and helps you get notifications to the people who need to know.

Here’s what you can do with AlertOps and Stride:

  • Send alerts directly from your monitoring system to your team’s Stride channel. This automatically starts the Stride conversation flow for an incident.
  • Automatically check the on-call schedule, and alert the primary on-call team member through text, voice, or email. If the primary on-call team member doesn’t take the assignment, AlertOps will send an alert to the next person in the on-call schedule. AlertOps will send a notification to each team member on the on-call schedule until one of them accepts the assignment, ensuring that every incident is addressed.
  • Once a team member takes an assignment, automatically update the incident assignment in your service desk to show who got the assignment. Your team members can spend less time managing the service desk and more time fixing problems.
  • Automatically close resolved incidents in your service desk. AlertOps takes care of the service desk incident management so your teams can focus on moving to the next issue.

Connecting AlertOps and Stride creates a stream of conversations, alerts, and monitoring data that keeps your teams on the move. These are just some of the things that AlertOps and Stride can help you do.

Check out our help center to learn more about integrating AlertOps and Stride.