Updates in AlertOps 3.6.2

Minor Update:

Update 3.6.2 includes minor updates to reporting filters along with a handful of important bug fixes & improvements!


Here’s a list of changes:

Workflow Enhancement – You can now add a bridge as part of a workflow, for an overall more smooth experience. Our belief is that this will make it easier to communicate and faster to respond to an incident.

Improved Filtering for Alerts and Reporting – We’ve improved alert filtering by adding the ability to filter alerts by selecting multiple groups (not just one group or all groups). This provides more flexibility in alerts and reporting (especially if you’re managing multiple teams).

Additional Filters to Alerts and Reporting – We are also adding the “Created By” filter so you can see the specific sources of your alerts. We have also added to ability to have the reports to be “Defaulted to Today” as well as having “Predefined Date Ranges” on the reporting page.

International Date Formatting – You can now choose which country you are in, and have your schedule and entire application adapt to accommodate your lifestyle! This functionality can be found in the User Profile Settings under Locale Settings. If you select your country, your date will reformat to DD/MM/YYYY.

Mobile App Update – Take a look at our new and improved app icon on Android and Apple Devices! The improved logo is more consistent with our brand today. Fit for the iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max.

Minor Bug Fixes & Improvements

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