AlertOps Improves Team Coordination and Communication with Three-Way Slack Integration

AlertOps Slack Integration

Slack is a communication platform that helps teams communicate and collaborate. Each topic, project, team, or anything else you need gets its own conversation in Slack. Alertops and slack integration keep information organized and flowing within your teams.

But Slack only works with the information you feed it. AlertOps automates the process of getting alerts into Slack conversations and connects your monitoring tools to your service desk, a complete three-way integration.

Here’s how AlertOps and Slack integration improves your incident management:

  • Automatically send alerts from your monitoring system to your team’s Slack channel and start conversations that help resolve incidents.
  • Contact team members according to the on-call schedule using text, voice, or email. AlertOps will send alerts to the team members on the on-call schedule until a team member accepts the assignment so that every incident gets taken care of.
  • When a team member accepts an assignment in Slack, AlertOps automatically updates the incident in your service desk, so Slack is always on the same page as your service desk.
  • Automatically open and close incidents in your service desk. This relieves your teams of repetitive tasks and reduces redundant work.

These are just a few things you can do with an AlertOps three-way integration using our Generic Inbound API.

Check out our help center to learn more about three-way integration with AlertOps and Slack.