Tips for Enterprises: Take a Team-First Approach to Incident Management

A typical enterprise is responsible for managing thousands of end users across hundreds of teams. Thus, administrative headaches are common for enterprise support teams. And if these teams cannot get the right messages, to the right stakeholders, at the right time, every time, the consequences could be severe.

For example, let’s consider what may happen if an enterprise suffers a network outage. In this scenario, an enterprise support team may notify internal stakeholders who can correct the problem as quickly as possible. Yet blasting out incident updates to every IT professional within the enterprise is problematic. Because if IT professionals are constantly overwhelmed with incident alerts any time a problem arises, alert fatigue may occur. And when this happens, IT professionals may tune out all alerts, at all times – something that may make it tough for enterprise support teams to address downtime, outages and similar problems.

Today’s enterprises require fast, effective incident management. By choosing an incident monitoring system that promotes team management, an enterprise can empower its support team like never before. With this system in place, an enterprise support team can:

  • Delegate team administrative tasks
  • Automate group member changes
  • Use a multi-team hierarchy to promote collaboration between in-house and outsourced support teams
  • Import users, groups and group user assignments using Excel templates
  • Assign team or group contacts

An enterprise cannot afford even a single incident, particularly in today’s highly competitive global marketplace. Now, thanks to an incident monitoring system that offers team management capabilities, an enterprise support team can keep key stakeholders informed throughout an incident. The system ensures enterprise support team members can communicate and collaborate with one another from the moment an incident is identified until it is fully resolved. As such, the system could prove to be a valuable addition for support teams at enterprises around the globe.