Software development teams dread technical debt, and for good reason. Technical debt, aka design debt or code debt, refers to the cost of choosing a quick-fix solution that delivers short-term results versus a long-term solution that may require additional time and resources to implement. As such, technical debt ties up a software development team’s time and resources.

Technical debt is an innovation roadblock, too. Like monetary debt, technical debt accumulates interest over time. Thus, if a software development team is bogged down with technical debt, this team may struggle to drive innovation – something that may cause this team to fall behind and miss deadlines.

Clearly, technical debt is problematic, and a software development team must do everything possible to eliminate this issue. With the right alert tracking system at its disposal, a software development team may be able to do just that. To better understand why this may be the case, let’s consider an example.

By deploying an alert tracking system that boasts message rule and workflow engines, a software development team can monitor technical debt. The system also allows a software development team to configure its incident management efforts to its day-to-day activities. Therefore, a software development team can use this alert monitoring system to manage service levels, send reminders to incident owners at regular intervals and send reminders based on a service-level agreement (SLA) deadline. It can even trigger workflows such as change control processes that are needed to resolve a major incident.

Additionally, an alert monitoring system increases visibility and accountability across a software development team. It enables a software development team to evaluate contractors, adjust its staffing levels and budget accordingly. Furthermore, the system records every detail of an incident, ensuring a software development team can gather information about bugs and glitches to create an update and release it as planned.

Ready to put technical debt in the past? There is no need for a software development team to cheat to meet a deadline. Instead, deploy an alert monitoring system that leverages message rule and workflow engines, and your software development team can track and eliminate technical debt like never before. Read more in Greg’s article.