Incident management café: Cyber Security & Insurance

The episode of incident management cafe on cyber security and insurance was engaging and highly informative. With the amount of ransomware and phishing attacks, cyber security deserves a lot of attention. An interesting development is that the NIST framework is turning into a holy grail for incident response as far as security incidents are concerned.

Break fixes are incidents, but they’re not categorized by the usual framework of incident response. It could be just a service provided by them to their clients. With security becoming a huge concern for MSP’s, process optimization and automation is extremely important

While we have come a long way in terms of detecting incidents, but when there is a threat to the core business operation, we need a combination of communications as emails are just not going to cut it.

Where alerting tools come into play is Detection analysis and post incident activity. Time is a crucial factor in case of security incidents as you would want to be in control before things get worse. Having a plan and playbook in place as well as automation, drastically improves the process. Automating your processes enhances time management which as mentioned is key in security incident management.

Having an insurance plan is always essential as it always works as a safety net which protects the company from these attacks when everything else fails.