Incident management café: Outage communication

This episode of IMC is about outage communication, explained based on the context of Black Friday. Black Friday is a revenue critical period for all businesses irrespective of their business model. Even though we try to make everything move like clockwork, we must always anticipate and be prepared for unexpected outages.

Outages costs average around $5600/min and on occasions such as Black Friday, it is expected to go even higher. Moreover, with the customer becoming ever more impatient, it is imperative to provide a seamless customer experience to minimize churn rate. Communication is the key factor in most cases as incident resolution requires individuals from multiple teams communicating with each other and working together. It’s not just about notifying the people as it is very important that they get the right information too.

As far as stakeholders and customers are concerned, open and honest communication always enhances the credibility of the company as opposed to making promises you can’t keep or radio silence where customers are left to guess about what is going on