Incident Communication Tips: How to Keep Your Business Partners Up to Date

Major incident occurs

If a major incident occurs, should an enterprise notify its business partners? Absolutely! Business partners are crucial to an enterprise’s success. Without effective incident communication, an enterprise puts its business partnerships in jeopardy.

Every second counts during an incident for both an enterprise and its business partners. Rather than waste time and resources, an enterprise should instantly notify its business partners as soon as a Major incident occurs. That way, an enterprise’s business partners are aware of the incident and understand that the enterprise is working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Effective incident communication requires an enterprise to be proactive. Now, let’s take a look at several incident communication tips to help an enterprise keep its business partners up to date until an incident is fully resolved:

  • Provide pertinent incident details. Share relevant incident information with business partners and technical messages with a service team. This ensures business partners understand the problem while a service team works diligently to resolve it.
  • Use the right tone. Accept responsibility for an incident in business partner communications. This helps foster trust with business partners.
  • Establish workflows. Use workflows to send incident updates to the right business partners, at the right time, regardless of incident.
  • Deliver regular status updates. Provide regular status updates to business partners; these updates show business partners than an enterprise remains focused on resolving an incident.
  • Craft custom messages. Create unique messages for business partners; these messages ensure business partners can receive the information they need, precisely when they need it.
  • Utilize message templates. Use message templates that ensure notifications are automatically sent to business partners; these notifications are triggered by escalations.

An alert tracking system can help an enterprise maintain constant contact with its business partners, too. This system empowers an enterprise to seamlessly notify its business partners about an incident – something that may lead to faster and more efficient incident response than ever before.

Deploy an alert tracking system (AlertOps) that drives proactive communication today. With AlertOps in place, an enterprise can notify its business partners about a major incident and accelerate and improve its incident response efforts.