AWS CloudWatch

Resources and monitoring solutions that track insightful metrics.

Amazon Web Services CloudWatch provides resources and monitoring solutions that track metrics to help you gain insights and keep your apps and business running smoothly.

You can send alerts from AWS CloudWatch to AlertOps.
  • AlertOps will automatically create new incident when it receives an alert with ALARM status.
  • AlertOps will automatically close the alert in when it receives the OK status.
  • In AlertOps, you can craft a custom message to be sent out with the alert using any field from the inbound JSON.
  • You can map any inbound field to a custom field in AlertOps.
  • You can map any inbound field to the topic field in AlertOps, and use topics to track incidents and also to route incidents to teams.
  • Send multi-channel alerts (text, voice, email, mobile push notifications).
  • You can enable escalations and workflows.
  • You can route the alert to other systems, such as ticketing systems.

These are examples of just some of the things you can do with AWS Cloudwatch and AlertOps.