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AlertOps & BMC RemedyForce Integration

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BMC RemedyForce ITSM suite consists of three integrated solutions that can also function as standalone applications, and BMC Remedy integration is available with AlertOps. These applications enable your IT organization to track and manage your IT processes.

You can send alerts from RemedyForce to AlertOps.

Depending on what version of Remedy you have, you may also use the Generic REST API.

  • AlertOps will automatically create new incident when it receives an alert with PROBLEM status.
  • AlertOps will automatically close the alert in when it receives the OK status.
  • You can send several fields from Remedy to AlertOps:
    • Source URL – so user can click a link in AlertOps and go straight to the ticket in Remedy.
    • Assignee Email – send the ticket owner to AlertOps and AlertOps will assign the owner.
    • Recipient User – specify the user who will receive the alert.
    • Recipient Group – specify the group to receive the alert.
    • Topic – specify the alert topic, which AlertOps can use to assign the alert.
    • Bridge Number – pass along a bridge number to be dialed so users can use one-click to access a conference.
    • Bridge Access Code – specify the access code for connecting to the conference bridge.

AlertOps has many features to make your incident management life easier: multi-modal communication, teams with on-call schedules, customizable messages, routing rules, customizable workflows and escalations, SLA based severity management and much more.

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