GitHub Issues

Use issues to track ideas, enhancements, tasks, or bugs for work on GitHub.

GitHub Issues is an online cloud-based customer service software providing helpdesk support with all smart automations to get things done faster.

Integrate AlertOps’ alert management platform with GitHub to receive and respond to critical alerts through email, SMS, push notification, and phone alerts. AlertOps ensures that alerts received from GitHub always reach the correct, available team member by utilizing escalation policies and on-call schedules.

You can send alerts from GitHub Issues to AlertOps.
  • AlertOps will automatically create an incident when a new alert is received from GitHub Issues with an IncidentStatus status of “open.”
  • If an alert with status “Opened” matches an existing Open Alert, AlertOps will recognize the new alert as a duplicate and ignore the alert.
  • The alert will be recorded in the Inbound Messages table as “Mapped Appended.”
  • AlertOps will automatically close the same incident when an alert with an IncidentStatus status “closed” is received.

These are examples of just some of the things you can do with GitHub Issues and AlertOps.

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