An AIOps solution that converts a flood of alerts to actionable incidents using advanced algorithms.

AlertOps’ alert/incident management system can be integrated with Moogsoft to receive and respond to critical alerts/incidents through email, SMS, push notification or phone alerts. AlertOps would ensure that the alert would reach the appropriate team by using proper workflows, escalation policies and schedules. Based on your ruleset, incidents can be automatically opened and closed, depending on whether Moogsoft reports a problem or a recovery.

In general, a monitoring environment could monitor tens of thousands of hosts, services and platforms that scale up and down so quickly. Customers would not know the relationships between these hosts and services (quite simply because there is so much). This is where Moogsoft comes into picture, such that it “intelligently” correlates incidents and as such, this could be handled/managed seamlessly with AlertOps. AlertOps and Moogsoft can work together bidirectionally as well owing to AlertOps’ flexbility and OpenAPI config/workflow features.

  • AlertOps will automatically create an incident when a new alert is received from Moogsoft when the status field contains “open”, “in progress” or “error”.
  • If an alert with status “open”, “in progress” or “error” matches an existing Open Alert, AlertOps will recognize the new alert as a duplicate and ignore the alert. The alert will be recorded in the Inbound Messages table as “Mapped Appended.”
  • AlertOps will automatically close the same incident when an alert with a message contains “resolved” or “closed”.

These are examples of just some of the things you can do with Moogsoft and AlertOps.

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