Three Reasons Why Live Call Routing will Benefit You

3 Phone Calls

AlertOps boasts the title of the best-valued alert management platform. And now, with the addition of our new Live Call Routing feature, this title has become truer than ever!

Live Call Routing allows your organization to route any incoming calls or voicemails to the correct on-call team member based on on-call schedules and customized or automatic escalation rules.

Here are the top three reasons your organization will benefit from AlertOps’ Live Call Routing:

1) It’s cost-efficient.

AlertOps’ Live Call Routing feature ensures that your organization optimizes its functioning costs. By setting escalation rules for call routing, ensure that your customers always reach the correct on-call team member every time. Diminish the lost revenue that occurs when your organization misses or loses calls.

2) It increases productivity.

Next, increase your conversion rates by providing the best possible customer service to your live inbound callers. Callers will be able to choose the service or team member they need to reach through a call menu. The Live Call Routing feature offers your callers the ability to speak to a live on-call team member 24/7. Offer your service around the clock and increase your revenue. Additionally, when a team in your organization is in need of support or information from another, use Live Call Routing and communicate with ease.

3) It’s modern and advanced.

Now, even small businesses have the capability to create a customer service line to the grandiosity of large enterprises. And, enterprises have an additional collaboration method to easily and quickly keep all teams within one another’s reach.


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