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Live Call Routing

Route inbound calls in real-time so that callers never hit a dead end. With AlertOps, your on-call team members receive important calls, and can respond to alerts generated by inbound calls.

Live Call Routing and Call Trees

Answer Every Live Call

AlertOps transfers any incoming call to the contact numbers for your on-call team. When you receive a call, the call will get answered—regardless of whether it’s a person picking up the phone or the answering machine.

Route Your Calls to Multiple Teams

AlertOps Live Inbound Call Routing enables callers to reach the a desired team member or service via touch tone menu. If a team member is unavailable to take a call, AlertOps automatically escalates the call to the next available team member.

Generate Alerts for Unanswered Calls

Inevitably, there will be times when no team members are available to take a call. When this happens, callers can leave a voicemail, and AlertOps will automatically create an alert for the missed call—complete with information from the voicemail—and forward the alert to the next available team member. Of course, general alerts are created when the caller leaves no voicemail, as well.

Global Call Routing

Receive and forward calls anywhere in the world. AlertOps makes it simple to connect remote customer service teams, satellite offices and global workforces with customers and other teams.

Effortless Call Tracking

AlertOps automatically and passively tracks every call interaction. You’ll get data on who’s answering calls, which calls are escalated, how many calls go unanswered, and more. Individual call data is also recorded. See timestamps for all incoming calls, whether or not each call is answered, call duration, and all the other call statistics right in the call log. The AlertOps call log gives you a tangible dataset for improving your call management.

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