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Live Inbound Call Routing

AlertOps Live Inbound Call Routing feature ensures that your important incoming calls reach the correct on-call team member every time.


Never miss a live call.

Immediately after receiving a call to your routing phone number, AlertOps will notify all relevant members of your on-call team.

Route your calls to multiple teams.

Your callers will be able to reach multiple teams and/or services through AlertOps. Callers can be prompted to select a number on their phone to reach the service or team associated with the number.

Escalate unanswered calls.

If a team member is unavailable to respond to a call, AlertOps automatically escalates the call to the next available team member. In the event that no team member is available, callers are able to leave a voicemail that can be escalated further.

Go global.

AlertOps allows calls to be received and/or forwarded all around the world. With AlertOps, creating a customer service line or connecting with team members across the globe becomes a simple task.

Manage calls with ease.

With AlertOpts, everything is tracked. You will know who is answering calls, who’s calls are escalated, and more. Additionally, the activity log gives your team a means to manage calls coming through your routing number. The activity log displays the time that calls are received, whether the calls were answered or not, and the duration of each call.

Accelerate your operations.

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