Live Call Routing

Call routing in AlertOps route inbound calls in real-time so that callers never hit a dead end. With AlertOps, your on-call team members receive important calls and can respond to alerts generated by inbound calls.

Call Routing That’s Powerful and Modern

It’s cost-efficient.

AlertOps’ Live Call Routing feature ensures that your organization operating costs are minimised. By setting escalation rules for call routing, ensure that your customers always reach the correct on-call team member every time. Diminish the lost revenue that occurs when your organization misses or loses calls.

It increases productivity.

Next, improve your conversion rates by giving your live incoming callers the best possible customer experience. Through a call menu, callers will be able to select the service or team member they need to contact. The Live Call Routing feature offers your callers the ability to speak to a live on-call team member at any time of day (24/7). Offer your service around the clock and increase your revenue. When one team in your business needs help or information from another, use live call routing to communicate easily.

It’s modern and advanced.

Now, even small businesses can create a customer service line to the scale of large enterprises. Enterprises have an additional collaboration method that reduces waiting times and keeps all teams within reach of one another.

Call Routing Features

Route inbound calls in real-time so that callers never hit a dead end. With AlertOps, your on-call team members receive important calls and can respond to alerts generated by inbound calls. 

AlertOps transfers any incoming call to the contact numbers for your on-call team. When you receive a call, the call will get answered, regardless of whether it’s a person picking up the phone or by an interactive voice response. 

AlertOps Live Inbound Call Routing enables callers to reach the desired team member or service via a touch-tone menu. AlertOps automatically escalates a call to the next available team member if a team member is unavailable to take it. 

Alert details include real-time activity tracking reports by email, SMS, push notifications, phone calls. And the AlertOps mobile app, allowing you to trace the chain of acknowledgments and assignments. These reporting solutions track every interaction, so you can document KPIs and adhere to SLAs.

Inevitably, there will be times when no team members are available to take a call. When this happens, callers can leave a voicemail, and AlertOps will automatically create an alert for the missed call—complete with information from the voicemail—and forward the alert to the next available team member. Of course, general alerts are created when the caller leaves no voicemail. 

Calls can be received and forwarded from anywhere in the world. AlertOps makes it simple to connect remote customer service teams, satellite offices, and global workforces with customers and other teams. 

AlertOps automatically and passively tracks every call interaction. You’ll get data and learn on who’s answering calls, which calls are escalated, how many calls go unanswered, and more.  

Individual call data is also recorded. In the call log, you may see timestamps, answered or missed status, duration, and other details. The AlertOps call log gives you a tangible dataset for improving your call management. 

Here’s how the call routing system works in AlertOps.

AlertOps will provide your team with a routing phone number. The routing number prompts the callers to select a number on their phone. This number connects them to a team or service that is associated with the selected number. 

AlertOps will immediately alert all relevant members of your on-call team after receiving a call to your routing phone number. When a team member fails to respond, AlertOps immediately escalates the call to the next available individual. Your live inbound calls will never go unanswered. 


With AlertOps’ advanced alert management system, you can find out which calls are getting answered and which ones are being escalated. 

The activity log in AlertOps allows your team to keep track of calls that come in through the routing number. It can show you the call’s status, duration, and timestamp. Your team may also see who is taking calls and who is escalating them. AlertOps Live Inbound Calls can be received and/or forwarded all around the world. Your international team members and clients will finally have the most reliable way to contact the teams they need. 




AlertOps includes a lot of tools that will make your life easier when it comes to incident management. Multi-modal communication, on-call teams, tailored messaging, routing rules, personalised workflows and escalations, SLA-based severity monitoring, and much more are available. Here’s where you can learn more about our features.