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Flexible On-Call Schedules

Easily create the perfect on-call schedule for your teams and organization. AlertOps will make sure the right person is alerted, no matter when an incident occurs so nothing falls through the cracks.

On-Call Schedules

Rotating Schedules

Keep your teams fresh with schedules that rotate daily, weekly or monthly. Rotate as many team members as you need on each rotation, and change out your personnel every day of the week, or even every hour of the day.

Fixed Schedules

Build consistency with fixed schedules that drive faster speed to resolution, because employees get predictable on-call hours, and alerts are only sent to on-call teams and stakeholders that need to stay in the loop.

Schedule Overrides

Build vacations, holidays, and personal time off into your schedules with overrides. Create an unlimited number of schedule overrides and AlertOps will automatically select the right schedule based on the time and date. Keep your escalation policies intact without bothering team members during their rest and relaxation time.

Out of Office

Keep your alerts in the office with Out-of-Office mode. When someone steps out, a teammate can simply assign a covering team member, and AlertOps will route alerts to the covering person until the primary team member returns. Covering team members can be pre-assigned, and AlertOps will automatically escalate alerts to covering team members whenever primary team members are on vacation, sick or out-of-office.

No Schedule is an Option

If your organization needs a less structured approach, AlertOps still has you covered. Simply group team members together and get all the benefits of automatic escalation without creating an on-call schedule.

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