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Flexible, Powerful On-Call Scheduling

AlertOps allows you to create rotating schedules, fixed schedules, scheduled overrides and quick overrides.


Rotating schedules

Create schedules that rotate daily, weekly or monthly. Rotate 1 or more members with each rotation. Rotate schedules by day of the week and hour of the day.

Fixed Schedules

Create fixed schedules for overrides, such as vacations. Fixed schedules can be open-ended, and can also be overridden.

Schedule overrides

Create as many schedule overrides as you want, AlertOps will automatically select the right schedule based on the time and date.

Quick overrides

Use out-of-office mode with a covering person to route alerts to a back up for quick overrides. When a user is out-of-office with a designated covering person, all alerts get routed to the covering person instead.

No Schedule is an Option

If your organization doesn’t need schedules, we have a solution for that, too. AlertOps allows you to group team members together and get the benefits of automatic escalations without creating schedules.

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