Integrate With Tools

Create custom two-way integrations and workflows and get the most from your monitoring stack. AlertOps’ no-code inbound APIs and pre-built integrations enable you to build a fully integrated and automated incident response workflow.

Pre-built Integrations

Every day, we’re adding new pre-configured integrations to our library of the most popular DevOps, SecOps, ITSM and a wide range of other incident management tools. AlertOps Integrations can automatically open and close incidents and tickets based on the status reported by your monitoring system. This automates much of the administrative work in incident management, so your teams can focus on keeping your systems always up and running.

And, unlike other platforms you’re not limited to just our pre-built integrations. The AlertOps Open REST API and Open Email APIs enable you to easily integrate AlertOps with virtually any tool or system in your stack – even if its homegrown!

Outbound Integrations

Easily connect to the most popular monitoring tools like JIRA or ServiceNow and automatically create tickets and incidents as soon as your monitoring stack reports an issue. When a support engineer takes assignment in AlertOps, AlertOps automatically updates the issue owner in your ticketing system.

Outbound integrations create a completely closed-loop, automated communication system. AlertOps automatically sends information across platforms, up and down the communication chain. So, every team member always has the data they need and always knows who’s handling each incident and what they need to do.

Customize Alert Messages and Routing

Customize all your alert content and send the most relevant information to each recipient. Use our long text fields and custom message routing to send incident response information to tech team members (i.e., Error: Server Down). Then, simultaneously send stakeholders a different message—one that tells them when you expect the interruption to be resolved; for example, “We expect this service interruption to be resolved within 10 minutes.”

These messages can then be sent according to your preset escalation policy within the platform. AlertOps easily handles the message routing and necessary communication, while your tech teams focus on resolving incidents within established SLA’s.