AlertOps’ workflows automate system integrations, streamline your incident response, and enable you to better communicate with stakeholders.

Workflows that can be customized

Your incident management system can get complicated, especially if you use a lot of tools. Simplify your incident response with custom AlertOps workflows that automate system integrations. Automate call-backs to your ticketing software, forward flows to open and close tickets, and other integrated operations. Also, create workflows to notify stakeholders based on incident severity.

Urgency-Based Alerting

Sometimes you must notify key stakeholders that are outside your incident response team. Customers, regulatory agencies, and even CEOs need to know about major incidents. AlertOps workflows automate stakeholder notification, so you know the message will go out on time, every time. Then, keep everyone in the loop with regular status updates and closure alerts.

Automatically Escalate Alerts with Workflows

Maintaining SLA compliance can be tough. AlertOps workflows help you keep everything within specs. Use workflows to manage your SLAs and send regular reminders to incident owners.

Reminders can be sent based on SLA deadlines, and workflows can use notifications to trigger other systems. Automatically trigger other workflows, such as change control processes, for resolving major incidents.

Workflows add and automate actions based on your escalation rules, enabling you to trigger supplementary responses based on predefined conditions. AlertOps comes with several pre-built workflows. And you can always create new workflows and edit existing ones.