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Enterprise Reporting

AlertOps allows you to view your incident management performance within your teams and across your enterprise with our reporting, dashboards and data export capabilities. You can drill down to see alerts for post-mortems and SLA tracking by increasing visibility and accountability. This means you can evaluate contractors, adjust staffing levels, and budget better. AlertOps keeps track of all interactions, so that you can document KPIs and adhere to SLAs.


Detailed tracking

AlertOps records every detail of the incident alert timeline. See who was notified, when and how. See every acknowledgement, each assignment and every escalation. Drill down the reports by weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly analysis. SLA tracking, Average resolution time, SLA violation.


AlertOps includes built-in response and acknowledgement capabilities to track the status of open and closed notifications. The reports can also compare performance against the mean or between users or groups. You can even extract additional business intelligence from the AlertOps database for deeper analysis. So you always know what’s happing in your IT operations. AlertOps gives you the information you need to help you understand what’s working, what’s not, and why with key events and statuses that leave audit trails. AlertOps has the ability for managers to monitor service levels and track performance with custom reports; that track metrics and show adherence to SLAs. AlertOps helps you obtain certainty regarding who received notification and clarity is available into who responded to the event.

Reduce MTTR

You need a better way to reliably monitor critical systems, communicate in real time about issues that could affect performance, plus monitor service levels and track performance. To do this, you also need to be able to distribute workloads and get the message to right people at the right time. AlertOps does all that and more to close the IT workflow loop and speed the time to issue resolution. AlertOps improves workflow and process management for your IT operations. It enhances automated alert systems with a more efficient way to consolidate, manage, prioritize, communicate, and track system notifications.

Dashboard Reports

AlertOps dashboards provide a visual insight into key processes and performance indicators. Use them for real-time tracking of activities such as acknowledgement and assignment on EMAIL, SMS, and VOIP channels, as well in the mobile apps. Then use reports to get the big picture after events are over. Dashboard reports that let you drill down to the underlying incidents typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged.

Export Data Reports

Query your alert incident database and export data to Excel, so you can do your own analysis; time period reports of SLA performance, number of assignments per user and alert status distribution.

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