Heartbeat Monitoring

Get alerts when your monitoring tools stop sending alerts

Heartbeat Monitoring: Stay updated in real-time.

Heartbeat monitoring system in AlertOps notifies you when your monitoring system stops sending alerts, in real-time.

Get alerted when tools become unresponsive

AlertOps Heartbeat Monitoring allows customers to listen for a signal or ‘heartbeat’ from an external source. When the heartbeat is interrupted for a specified period, an alert may be sent to a person or team. Only one alert will be sent for a Heartbeat alert. When heartbeat pulses have resumed for an open alert, the alert will be closed automatically. You can create multiple Heartbeat Monitors; each one will be tracked separately.

Organizations have processes that must be executed at recurring intervals. Using AlertOps Heartbeat, we can ensure that we have received a ping from the process executing as well.

Trust but verify

Also, while organizations have monitoring tools to ensure capturing when a system goes down, there needs to be a level of monitoring that accounts for the monitors themselves.

Keep a pulse on external tool health

AlertOps Heartbeat Monitoring can add an extra layer of redundancy by alerting not only when monitoring tools recognize issues, but also when the monitoring tool itself may be experiencing issues.