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Automatic Escalations

AlertOps has your back with automatic escalations. Set up your escalation groups add on-call schedules and AlertOps takes care of the rest. You can even escalate from one group to another if you want to.


Automatic escalation within groups

Set up your team members in groups. Create an on-call schedule with one or more primary on-call people, Add secondary backups. Let AlertOps take care of automatic retries and escalations until the alert is assigned or closed.

Automatic escalation to manager

Set up flows to automatically escalate to a manager after a period of time, even while the on-call staff members are still being alerted. Copy stakeholders and managers when there is a critical issue, or when an SLA threshold has been breached.

Custom escalations for each team

Create custom escalations for each team. Escalate to each team’s manager or even to a manager group.

Custom escalations

You can control and fine tune the notification sequence. Notify the primary on call 5 times at 15 minute intervals before escalating, or notify them 30 times at 5 minute intervals. Escalate while continuing to alert the on-call staff.


Create workflows to automate systems integrations, such as call-backs to your ticketing software, or forward flows to open and close tickets. Workflows to notify key stakeholders based on events.

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