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Mobile Incident Management

AlertOps’ mobile app for Android and iOS help manage your Major Incident Management, IT Alerting, and DevOps needs. The mobile app allows your teams to take ownership of alerts, resolve alerts, and add detailed comments to the alerts on the go to make sure you never miss an critical incident.


Open Alerts

AlertOps allows you to easily open alerts from the mobile app. You can view, take ownership, respond to, close or escalate alerts while on the move.

Assign Alerts

You can easily take ownership of and assign alerts directly from push notifications without having to launch the mobile app.

Respond to Alerts

The app allows you to easily respond to all alerts. Even if you are not on-call, you can reply to alerts ensuring that someone gets the message. You can assign alerts to yourself or other team members by viewing their schedules.

Push Notifications

Receive unlimited push notifications on your mobile devices. With our unique alert tone, you will not mistake a critical alert as any other notification.

Incident Details

You can view all alert details, resolutions and messages related to an alert. This way you always are in the know when you are on the go.

View Schedules

You can view your own schedule as well as your team member’s schedules on your mobile app. Always know who is on call and that someone has your back with automatic escalations in place.

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