Mobile Incident Management

AlertOps’ mobile app for Android and iOS puts the solution for Major Incident Management, IT Alerting, and DevOps in your hands.
Mobile Incident Management

Open and Assign Alerts

Incidents happen regardless of whether you’re in the office or out getting lunch. Manage all your alerts and control every incident right from your phone. Easily open, view, and assign alerts from anywhere. If you need to change the incident status, respond to, close, or escalate alerts using the AlertOps app, it is possible.


Use the app to help manage response teams, as well. Add detailed comments to alerts to keep your team moving in the right direction, even when you’re not on scene.


Manage Your Team’s Alerts

Managing incidents means directing resources, no matter where you are. Use the mobile app to reply to alerts even if you’re not on-call to nudge team members, and ensure that everyone gets the message. Check the schedule, and assign the alert to yourself or another team member based on scheduling and availability for the fastest incident response.


Push Notifications

Managing incidents while you’re away from the office is miserable if you have to keep your phone at hand at all times. Receive unlimited push notifications on your mobile devices, so you can put your phone away without missing alerts.


And, you can stop snatching up your phone every time an alert comes through without missing critical alerts. Unique alert tones tell you whether or not the alert is critical before you pick up your phone.


Incident Details

When you’re on-call, working remotely, or just out of the office, you still need incident details. The AlertOps mobile app keeps you in the know when you’re on the go. View all alert details, resolutions, and messages related to each alert. If something happens while you’re out, you’ll know all about it.


View Schedules

You can’t manage an incident if you don’t know who’s there to help you. AlertOps enables you to bring your team roster with you wherever you go. View your own schedule as well as your team members’ schedules through our mobile app. Always know who’s on-call and who’s got your back when an incident is escalated.

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