Pagerduty Alternative: AlertOps is Your Best Option in 2024

pagerduty alternative

PagerDuty Alternative: Explore How AlertOps as your best option in 2024 for an alternative to PagerDuty for streamlined incident management. Discover features, pricing, and benefits.

What is PagerDuty?

PagerDuty is a cloud computing company specializing in a SaaS incident response platform for IT departments.

Why Choose AlertOps over PagerDuty?

Price: Fair, Simple, and Transparent (#1 PagerDuty alternative)

PagerDuty’s complex add-on pricing structure often leaves customers with huge sticker shock.   

Pay for exactly what you need with AlertOps’ (Best PagerDuty alternative) simple all-inclusive pricing tiers: Free (Starter), Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. No complicated add-ons and no surprises. Contact our sales team for discounts on enterprises and larger teams. The average PagerDuty customer saves over 60% when switching to AlertOps. Check out our pricing here.

Fast, Easy Onboarding

AlertOps (the best Pagerduty alternative) has a 5-star customer success team that is very hands-on and will quickly get you up and running. Our customer success team is always available via email, chat, or voice/video chat. 

Best On-Call Schedule Manager 

AlertOps (PagerDuty alternative) makes managing your on-call schedule through a simple calendar-based manager. PagerDuty requires you to set up complicated and tedious layers. AlertOps manages your on-call schedule through shifts and rotations in a simple calendar format.

Live-Call Routing 

Paired with the on-call manager, ensure your calls get directed to the right person quickly. 

Advanced Escalation Policies 

AlertOps has one of the most robust escalation policy engines that can handle complex teams and organizations. Never miss an alert again.  

Noise Reduction 

AlertOps’ workflow engine reduces alert fatigue through de-duplication and alert bundling.  Ensure that your critical alerts aren’t drowned out by noise and get resolved quickly. 

Get Alerts How You Want It (with the best PagerDuty alternative)

Get alerts pushed to your team via text, phone call, SMS, mobile app, email, and your preferred chatOps tools like Teams, GChat, Slack, etc. 

In contrast to PagerDuty, you may also transfer your data via SSL using our 100+ integrations and extensions. Using accredited data centers, availability zones, and cloud suppliers makes it simple to protect your data.

Data From Anywhere Ready:

Anything that can run a script – whether it’s an email, JSON, XML, support call, helpdesk ticket, or voicemail. Unlike PagerDuty, AlertOps can extract data sent in real-time and turn it into an actionable event. With the AlertOps API, you can quickly build custom code, embed it in the platform, and enhance functionality as needed. 

Check why AlertOps is the best PagerDuty Alternative.

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