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AlertOps Service Management

October 7, 2016

When it comes to alert tracking software, service management and escalation capabilities are not interchangeable. Whereas service management refers to the entirety of service activities performed by an IT organization, escalations involve the use of messages sent to IT team members and managers in the event of outages, downtime and other critical incidents.

If an IT team lacks an alert tracking system with service management capabilities, the consequences could be severe. For example, consider what may happen if an IT team deploys alert management software that only offers escalations. In this scenario, an IT team may use call trees to notify team members and managers about incidents. The alert monitoring software helps IT teams identify and address incidents; at the same time, it fails to account for service-level agreements (SLAs). Perhaps worst of all, it may be impossible for an IT team to use the software to keep customers, regulatory agencies and other key stakeholders informed about incidents.

Today’s IT teams require more than just escalations to optimize incident management and mitigation. Thanks to alert tracking software with service management capabilities, IT teams are better equipped than ever before to do just that.

Alert monitoring software with service management capabilities offers custom workflows to automate notifications. Therefore, the software guarantees messages always go out on time, every time, to the right stakeholders. IT teams also can use the software to establish workflows to trigger change control processes. They can even leverage the software to send regular incident status updates until an incident is fully resolved.

Furthermore, alert tracking software that features service management capabilities allows IT teams to send reminders to incident owners at regular intervals or send reminders based on SLA deadlines. IT teams can use SLA-based management to trigger time-based notifications based on SLAs. Best of all, IT teams can customize their alert monitoring to fit their needs.

When it comes to alert monitoring tools, there is no need to settle for software that only offers escalations. Instead, choose alert tracking software with service management capabilities, and an IT team can get the help it needs to streamline its day-to-day incident response efforts.


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