IT process automation for managed service providers

IT process automation can have several benefits for a managed service provider. It can increase productivity, lower costs, improve quality, reduce downtime, improve SLA management and keep customers happy.
IT process automation for managed service providers

Until now, IT process automation was a benefit mostly enjoyed by large organizations. However, with the introduction of SaaS tools and standards for integrating these tools, it is now possible for any managed service provider to enjoy the same benefits.

IT automation for managed service provider can be achieved in two areas; remote monitoring management (RMM) and professional services administration (PSA).

In the area of RMM, automation can improve workload distribution with intelligent alert management. Getting the alerts to the right person saves time. AlertOps smart alert management can route RMM alerts to the right person. Alert noise also impacts productivity. AlertOps Alert Aggregation suppresses noise. Smart alert management can automatically defer non-critical alerts until the next business day.

Remote process automation (RPA) can reduce downtime and fix problems before they grow into major incidents. AlertOps workflows can automatically trigger a remote process in a tool like Kaseya to fix the problem. AlertOps also allows a remote process can also be triggered from a mobile app, saving the responder from having to log into a server.

Likewise, process automation can reduce effort in PSA tools. AlertOps can be integrated with PSA tools like Connectwise Manage. AlertOps can automatically send updates to a ticket in Connectwise, reducing manual entry.

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