Updates in AlertOps 3.6.1

Minor Update:

Update 3.6.1 includes minor updates to the UI and UX along with a handful of important bug fixes & improvements!


Here’s a list of changes:

New Navigation Icons – We’ve completely updated the side navigation icons. Our belief is this will make it easier to quickly identify important areas in the app, for an overall better experience. The new changes are based on Google Material standards.

Better Passwords (NIST) – We’ve expanded the maximum password length to 64 Characters and relaxed character requirements on the login page following recent NIST best practices, giving you more flexibility in password creation (especially if you’re using a tool like LastPass or 1Password)

Show/Hide Columns (Alert Page) – You can now select which columns you would like to see or hide on the Alert Page. This functionality will likely be rolled out to additional pages in the near future, where applicable.

“Templates” Label Change – “Templates” is now “Custom Alert Fields” in the navigation and elsewhere in the app. With additional Manual Paging functionality built into the app in regards to templating capabilities, we feel Templates is now too broad a term. Custom Alert Fields makes perfect sense for the functionality the feature provides in the app.

Minor Bug Fixes & Improvements

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