Updates in AlertOps

Important Update:

Update includes 1 new feature, and 1 important improvement (+ minor bug fixes and improvements) from our 2019 roadmap.


Here’s a short list of important improvements:

Exporting Reports – You can now easily export your reports from the reporting pages in both CSV and PDF formats. Use your data efficiently for business success.

Out-of-office Update – Prevent out-of-office redundancies by disallowing users from creating an out-of-office schedule when they are already covering for another user. This feature also disallows out-of-office creation when the person covering them is also out-of-office.

Minor Bug Fixes & Enhancements – We are always working to improve the overall speed and experience of the platform to make it easier and more intuitive to use. Don’t worry, if anything big changes we’ll let you know.

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