Major Incident Management

Automatically notify multiple teams at once. Use standard message templates. Improve stakeholder communication. Predefine major incident teams and processes. Save up to 30 minutes per incident during major incident management.

The average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute, or

$ 0 per hour

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of all companies said their business does not have a major incident team in place.

Pre-built Major Incident Teams​

Pre-built major incident teams save time and reduce errors during major incident management. Build teams for specific services or types of outages. Include needed SMEs and stakeholder groups.

Major incident ​rapid response​ ​

Automatically blast simultaneous notifications to the entire incident response team in real-time during major incident management. This can save up to 30 minutes when there is a major incident.

AlertOps Major Incident Management Center offers efficient communication, collaboration, and coordination during major incidents.
0 %

of all companies indicated they manually communicate with their incident resolvers during a major incident.

Pre-built communication templates
save time and reduce errors.​

Major Incident Mangement Communication Templates

Standardize major incident communication with AlertOps message templates, allow an organization to create pre-defined text for each service. Use different message templates for stakeholders and tech responders.​

Major Incident Stakeholder Communication​

AlertOps Service Status Pages keep stakeholders updated when there are major incidents. Status pages allow stakeholders to self-subscribe to services they are interested in.​

Stakeholder communication is a must
and so is flexibility ​

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Stakeholder Communication

Stakeholder communication in AlertOps provides concise and timely information to relevant parties during incidents.

Open API

AlertOps integrations enable different software applications to work together seamlessly and share data between them.

On-Call Management

On-call management for enterprises by enabling teams to easily schedule, manage and notify on-call personnel.


Using advanced alert filtering capabilities, AlertOps helps enterprises identify and prioritize critical incidents quickly.

Incident Response Automation

Speed up the incident resolution process with automation. Use collaboration to improve work between teams.

Analytics and Reporting

Real-time insights into critical incidents and enhanced incident response processes are provided by AlertOps.

"The technicians in the customer support department are extremely knowledgable about the product and very helpful. They were able to tailor exactly to our needs even though we were not using the system the way others do. The app continues to get updates and the GUI is very user-friendly, our team was able to transition over very quickly and successfully!"

Meir G VP, Customer Support

The AlertOps cost compared to the previous legacy-priced PagerDuty account is significantly less for the same features. The on-boarding process was smooth, with only a few hiccups in the transition of specific PagerDuty customization. The ongoing technical account support is fantastic.

Jason H Solution Architect,

We can schedule engineers for different shifts and different times to be On-call. This is very important in our follow the sun model.

Virginia F Service Desk Manager

A number of problems that us level 1 engineers deal with and as mentioned since it's simple it helps us get the job complete faster.

Daniel S Level 1 Engineer

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