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Incident Management Software for Retailers

Nov 4, 16

As a retailer, you invest a lot of time and dedication into creating budgets, so your company will generate revenue and comp last year. But what happens when your company becomes a victim of a major incident, which affects millions of your consumers?

It turns into a downward spiral that will negatively impact your business with media coverage and consumers leery to continue to shop at your locations. This in turn, can end up costing you millions of dollars in missed sales, resulting in not meeting your sales plans and overspending in operations. The long term effects will show in your profit and loss statements, resulting in store closures for locations negatively affected. Major retail corporations and mall management have turned to incident management software to help with their security concerns for major incidents.

AlertOps has joined forces with one of the top ten, multi-billion dollar retailer to ensure all of their departments are protected. Although we cannot stop any system from being targeted, but if it does happen we have specific steps in place to get it resolved.

For example: AlertOps’ manual paging feature you can trim minutes off of your critical incident resolution time, saving your company money. AlertOps allows you to send out manual pages from your service desk app, with the ability to assign groups and bridge numbers. We provide detailed status updates to your service desk in real-time. We have the ability to save your team’s time by reaching out to several teams and dozens of users in just a few clicks, allowing your service desk staff to choose a pre-built or customizable template to page out for a major incident. Topics can be assigned to teams saving you valuable time in identifying ownership of the incident. AlertOps’ smart routing will ensure that your alerts get to the right person, using the right means, whether it be by voice, sms, push notifications or email. Our reporting and analytics will increase visibility and accountability for your entire team, allowing you to see all records of every detail of the incident alert timeline to see who was notified, when and how for every assignment, acknowledgement and escalation.

In Brian’s article he goes in depth on the five key benefits of incident management software for retailers: end-to-end solution, ease of use, investigative tools, actionable information and improved operations. These are the exact reasons that retailers need to introduce and implement incident management software to their IT and loss prevention teams. It additionally allows for follow-up on investigations and escalations, with the capability to reduce incidents and provide valuable feedback by generating reports and providing quality incident prevention.