5 More Reasons Why AlertOps is Better Than PagerDuty

Green Windowsill


When it comes to choosing an incident management platform, it pays to select the best. If your DevOps team deploys AlertOps over PagerDuty, you can reap the benefits of a superior incident management platform for years to come.

Previously, we discussed 10 reasons why AlertOps is a better alternative to PagerDuty. But for today’s DevOps teams that need to justify their incident management investments to chief information officers (CIOs) and other C-suite executives, we understand that 10 reasons may be insufficient.

To help these DevOps teams, here are five more reasons why AlertOps is a better incident management platform than PagerDuty.

  1. DevOps team members can stay in touch with one another.

AlertOps empowers DevOps teams to get the right people involved in incident management issues. That way, if a server crashes or an IT outage occurs, AlertOps ensures the right people can work together to quickly resolve the issue.

Thanks to AlertOps integrations with Slack and HipChat, DevOps team members can maintain ongoing communications. Therefore, DevOps team members can use AlertOps to stay informed about incident management problems and resolve these issues in real-time.

  1. DevOps teams can receive incident management alerts via multiple channels.

DevOps teams must send and receive incident management notifications via email, phone and SMS; otherwise, DevOps team members are unlikely to respond quickly and effectively to incident management problems.

Now, AlertOps delivers multi-channel incident management, enabling DevOps team members to take ownership of incident management tasks by email, phone and SMS. DevOps team leaders can even use AlertOps to define custom communications for all groups and users, ensuring DevOps team members can identify and resolve incident management problems faster than ever before.

  1. DevOps teams can create fixed schedules, rotating schedules and much more.

When it comes to DevOps, flexibility is paramount. And with AlertOps, DevOps teams can enjoy unprecedented scheduling flexibility.

AlertOps provides on-call scheduling that enables DevOps team members to create fixed or rotating schedules. Plus, AlertOps makes it simple to perform schedule overrides that automatically select the right schedule based on the date and time, along with quick overrides that guarantee all incident management alerts are routed to a secondary DevOps team member when the primary contact is unavailable.

  1. DevOps teams can eliminate alert fatigue.

Alert fatigue occurs when a DevOps team is exposed to frequent incident management alerts and becomes desensitized to them, resulting in extended incident management response times. Perhaps even worse, alert fatigue may lead a DevOps team to ignore incident management notifications.

AlertOps offers alert aggregation capabilities that give DevOps teams the flexibility to configure and enhance incident management to fit their needs, reducing the risk of alert fatigue. In fact, AlertOps workflows send reminders to incident owners at regular intervals and can trigger notifications to DevOps systems and team members. This allows DevOps team members to change the control process needed to resolve a major incident without the danger of alert fatigue.

  1. DevOps teams can foster collaboration.

Getting all DevOps team members to work together as a cohesive unit can be challenging, regardless of a team’s size. Meanwhile, AlertOps boasts enterprise team management capabilities designed to help DevOps team members streamline the management of thousands of users across hundreds of teams.

From AlertOps’ multi-team hierarchy support to our role-based security features, AlertOps offers features to help transform ordinary DevOps groups into collaborative teams. Additionally, we provide many integrations and continue to introduce new integrations to further drive DevOps team collaboration.

What else separates AlertOps from PagerDuty? To find out why AlertOps is the premier incident management platform for DevOps teams, please call us today at 844-292-8255 or contact us via email at sales@alertops.com.