Why AlertOps is the Best PagerDuty Alternative

Green Windowsill

Among the competition, AlertOps stands out as the best when compared to PagerDuty and alternatives

We will compare AlertOps to PagerDuty in 3 broad areas:


On-Call management
Whether the On-Call management needs are basic or complex, AlertOps always has solution for you.
Creating On-call schedule is simple although, there is only one person on-call, two or more people on-call, or even multiple teams on-call.

Silence alert noise
Right from web API to email integrations, the features alert grouping to de-duplicate your alerts in every AlertOps integration.
Also, the advanced features allow you to do more such as, the delay flapping alerts feature that let time for the situation to self-correct.

No code platform
Connecting your tools to AlertOps that provide you with pre-configured integrations or building your own integrations (inbound and outbound) using our open APIs can now happen without even writing a single line of code.


Collaborate using your tools of choice
Take action on an alert from MS Teams or Slack.

Automatic escalations occur based on your On-Call schedules. Expand the possibilities with Workflows and Escalation Rule.

Bi-directional service desk integrations
Seamless data flows and workflows occur by integrating with your own service desk tools.

Expert Guidance

Guided on-boarding for small to large organizations occur with the support of our professional services team experts.
Create your own possibilities with our flexible platform.
Enterprise support plans.