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AlertOps No-code powers real-time operations without the need for developers or code.

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Research suggests IT teams spend less than half of their time prioritizing innovation. While hand coding may be the only option for certain things, it is not always the best option. Writing custom code leads to the typical problems of technical debt, ongoing maintenance and the opportunity cost of not using developer resources to drive the business forward.

Open APIs

AlertOps Open APIs allow you to send any JSON object into or out of AlertOps. So you can integrate with any systems.

Workflow Engine

Simple If-Then flows that lead to several types of actions. Build custom workflows that meet your needs. Create your own custom automations using Workflows and Outbound Integrations. Configure your automations to be run with a single click.

Flexible Team Structures

Build team structures that mirror your organization. Easily create team to team escalations simply by creating nest groups. Escalations can automatically flow one team to the next. Create scenarios with teams backing up teams.

Powerful Scheduling

Think your scheduling needs are complex? See how many ways you can create schedules in AlertOps.

Rules Based

Rules based escalations. Combined with workflows, and flexible communication options, allow you to create escalation and communication flows for any of your needs

Extendible Object

The AlertOps alert object can be extended; you can even create new objects. This allows you to map your incoming data to your custom fields, and use these fields in messaging, workflow conditions, and map to Outbound APIs.

“AlertOps allowed our team to focus on procedures to restore service, instead of having a split mind.”
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