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AlertOps for SecOps powers real-time security operations. With our platform, your enterprise security team can quickly identify vulnerabilities, seamlessly collaborate and communicate with stakeholders, and resolve incidents faster and more effectively than ever before.

Speed Up Incident Response

AlertOps automatically distributes alerts via Slack and Microsoft Teams based on security team assignments, on-call schedules, and escalation policies. Team members can instantly open conversations in Slack and Microsoft Teams when they receive new alerts. Plus, they can easily send alert responses via Slack or Microsoft Teams to a ticketing system, assign owners to tickets, and close tickets — all from a single chat tool.

Drive Continuous Improvement

AlertOps tracks incident data, including who was notified, when they received an alert, and how they received an alert. Our platform also provides play-by-play incident reviews that highlight every acknowledgement, assignment, and escalation. That way, your security team can use our platform to retrieve incident performance metrics, assess patterns and trends, and find the best ways to secure your enterprise.

Consolidate Your Alerts

AlertOps automated filters and routing capabilities merge and eliminate redundant alerts. Our platform filters, appends, and groups alerts, ensuring your security team gets the information it needs — and nothing more. In addition, AlertOps suppresses multiple alerts with the same source and source name to eliminate alert noise and help team members focus exclusively on the task at hand.

Strengthen Your Security

AlertOps dashboards provide visibility into factors that affect mean time to acknowledge (MTTA) and mean time to resolution (MTTR). Your security team can use our dashboards to view open and recent activity, review relevant alerts, and assess an incident before responding. Also, AlertOps tracks every interaction, so team members can document KPIs and adhere to SLAs.

Simplify Incident Response

AlertOps workflows automate stakeholder notification, so the right message will go out on time, every time. With our workflows, your security team can automate call-backs to your ticketing software, forward flows to open and close tickets, and streamline other integrated operations. Team members can even create workflows to notify stakeholders based on incident severity.

Remediate Security Issues

AlertOps automatically assembles a security team with the skills required to resolve an incident. Thanks to our platform, your security team can delegate administrative tasks to other team admins and use security roles to ensure each team member only receives relevant alerts. Team members can also designate chat channels, group phone numbers, and email assignments, so the right team members can connect with one another to remediate security issues.

Coordinate Incident Response Across Your Enterprise

AlertOps drives constant collaboration, at all stages of an incident. Our platform makes it easy for security team members to reply to alerts, message team members on alerts, and add teams to alerts. They can also message and collaborate with auxiliary teams via our mobile app. As a result, your security team can use AlertOps to orchestrate incident response across your enterprise.

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