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Quickly identify an incident, coordinate incident response, and uncover ways to prevent future incidents.

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The AlertOps platform provides your ITOps team with the incident response tools it needs to succeed — from any location, at any time. With our platform, ITOps team members can quickly identify an incident, coordinate incident response, and uncover ways to prevent future incidents.

Automate the Incident Response Cycle

Thanks to AlertOps, ITOps team members can automate tasks with your preferred ChatOps tool — and maximize their time and resources. Also, with our automatic escalations, the right ITOps team members are automatically notified until an alert is assigned or closed.

Generate Tickets — Automatically or Manually

ITOps team members can deploy AlertOps pre-built integrations for popular network monitoring tools, so tickets are automatically opened and closed based on network status. In addition, ITOps team members can manually open and close AlertOps tickets and notify incident responders and stakeholders as needed.

Optimize Your Incident Management Performance

AlertOps dashboards provide a quick view of incidents across your enterprise. ITOps team members can use our dashboards to see how incidents impact your enterprise, track average incident resolution times, SLA violations, and other relevant data, and organize reports for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly incident analysis.

Eliminate Alert Fatigue

AlertOps filters and groups related alerts, ensuring ITOps team members won't receive multiple alerts for the same problem. Your ITOps team can also customize its AlertOps configuration, so it can focus on what matters most: resolving incidents as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Identify and Address Recurring Incidents

AlertOps provides team- and enterprise-level incident insights. ITOps team members can use our platform to track incidents, review post-mortem alerts, and analyze SLA compliance. That way, your ITOps team can identify incident patterns and trends and find ways to improve average incident resolution times, avoid SLA violations, and more.

Drive Continuous Improvement

AlertOps tracks incident data, including factors that affect your mean time to acknowledge (MTTA) and mean time to resolution (MTTR). With this information, your ITOps team can continuously evaluate its incident management performance, improve its incident management workflows, and lower its MTTA and MTTR.

Add Incident Response to the Tools You Already Use

AlertOps two-way integrations with JIRA, ServiceNow, and other monitoring tools ensure your ITOps team can get the most value out of its monitoring stack. Plus, with the AlertOps Open REST API and Open Email APIs, your ITOps team can integrate our platform into virtually any tool or system.

Resolve Incidents Before It's Too Late

AlertOps promotes real-time collaboration via Slack and Microsoft Teams, enabling ITOps team members to keep in contact with one another throughout an incident. Our platform also integrates into your monitoring stack, chat tools, and help desk, so your ITOps team can consolidate alerts and speed up incident response.

“AlertOps allowed our team to focus on procedures to restore service, instead of having a split mind.”
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