AlertOps Digital Transformation

The AlertOps platform helps enterprise teams implement a culture built on communication, collaboration, and improvement. In doing so, our platform fosters trust across your distributed teams.

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AlertOps Digital Transformation drives intelligent, real-time incident response across your enterprise’s distributed teams. With our platform, your teams can use shared data to quickly identify and resolve incidents, leverage common metrics to find ways to improve, and gain insights into your digital operations to accelerate digital transformation.

Power Real-Time Collaboration

AlertOps pre-built integrations drive real-time collaboration. Our platform integrates your monitoring stack, chat tools, and help desk for cross-application collaboration. Plus, your teams can use Slack, Microsoft Teams, and other chat tools to respond to incident alerts, assign owners to tickets, and close tickets.

Choose Your Operating Model

AlertOps connects your monitoring and help desk systems via pre-built integrations and Open, No-Code APIs. That way, your teams can integrate our platform with the tools they already use to democratize data access and measure outcomes — regardless of operating model.

Get the Most Value Out of Your Monitoring Stack

AlertOps provides custom two-way integrations, along with pre-configured integrations for popular ITSM, DevOps, and monitoring tools. You can even use our Open REST API and Open Email APIs to integrate AlertOps with virtually any tool or system in your monitoring stack.

Select the Right Tools

AlertOps connects to JIRA, ServiceNow, and other monitoring tools, so your teams can automatically create tickets as soon as an issue is detected. In addition, our platform automatically sends information along your communication chain, so team members know who's managing an incident and what they need to do.

Streamline Your Incident Response

AlertOps custom workflows ensure the right team members receive the right message, at the right time, every time. With our workflows, your teams can manage SLAs, send incident reminders, streamline incident response based on escalation rules, and trigger other workflows and systems.

Create Tickets Automatically or Manually

AlertOps provides your teams with the flexibility to automatically send alerts to multiple groups or manually notify specific stakeholders about an incident. Our pre-built templates make it easy for teams to instantly send alerts to large groups. Also, teams can open and close tickets manually.

Evaluate Team and Enterprise Performance

AlertOps dashboards offer insights into incident management performance. Your teams can use our dashboards to view post-mortem alerts, SLA compliance, and team- and enterprise-level performance. They can also review after-action reports to see who was notified during an incident and when and how they received alerts.

Remediate Incidents — Faster Than Ever Before

AlertOps drives fast, efficient incident resolution. Your teams can use our platform to reply to alerts, message team members on alerts, and add multiple teams to alerts. As such, your teams can use our platform to collaborate at all stages of an incident and coordinate incident response across your enterprise.

“AlertOps allowed our team to focus on procedures to restore service, instead of having a split mind.”
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