Major Incident Management:
Master the Unexpected

Major incident management teams respond to unplanned event or downtime and restore it to normal state as soon as possible.

Industry Leading Features

Dynamic Routing 

To help Identify and escalate major incidents to the right team based on rich contextual data (source, issue type, customer, etc.)

Response Orchestration

Powerful features to automatically coordinate resolvers across the organization or mobilize a war room via web conference, chat, or API.

Faster Actions 

With one click in AlertOps, generate a ticket in your ITSM tool, trigger resolution workflows, even restart servers.

Don’t get knocked down. Be ready and stand up with response automation. Service outages, malware attacks, data breaches, can strike at any time like a tsunami and crush weak defenses. The AlertOps Platform can help by providing an adaptive defense for anything that comes your way. 

The AlertOps Platform provides all the incident information and visibility your team needs to act before incidents become major. The team will have the capabilities to keep the employees informed with the latest information and access to the necessary resources. React quickly and close gaps to maintain deliveries and provide updates to customers. 

Immediate response is crucial during the first few seconds that a major incident is declared. A team of tech responders with different skill sets and their knowledge is leveraged in order to solve a major incident. Include new teams to the major incident management based on their department, team or skillset – through the Desktop or Mobile app using AlertOps,. A modern approach helps drastically reduce the time it takes to respond when a major incident is declared. 

Now, in Major incident management you can mobilize teams with complex schedules, methods of communication and skill-sets easily, and in just a few clicks. Key teams receive a “blast” and escalations happen automatically when the primary person fails to respond within the required time. 


  • Transform how you respond during P1 Incidents and reduce Mean Time To Respond (MTTR) by up to 30 minutes. 
  •  Send ‘Blast’ notifications to multiple tech responders simultaneously. 
  •  Easily ensure that escalations are automated to backups when the primary person fails to respond within a required time frame during major incident management. 


  • During a major incident, stakeholders and customers need to be notified of the situation so they can prepare a response accordingly. Any delay could result in an impact to customer experience. 
  • This can easily be prevented by moving to automatically triggered procedures and policy during a major outage. 
  • Deliver key business messaging to stakeholders using multiple communication channels such as Email, SMS, Voice and Push notifications during major incident management. 
major incident management

Resolve Major Incidents at Light-speed. with Improved Precision and Flexibility.

Reduce Mean time to Repair (MTTR) with SmartAlerts and a workflow engine that uses an Open API which gives you granular options and enhanced capabilities. For example, when an incident occurs, AlertOps automatically opens a ticket in ServiceNow, updates the Slack and create a Slack Channel, update your Status Page, and notify your on-call team based on the type of incident – simultaneously.  

AlertOps can extract data and convert it into actionable events, from the tools you already have. And when needed, with the AlertOps API, you can write custom code, embed it in the platform and quickly extend functionality. 

AlertOps is a fully cloud-aware platform that delivers flexibility and reliability to analyze trends and track performance at any scale. With over 100+ integrations and extensions allow you to send your data over SSL. Easily leverage certified data centers, availability zones, and cloud vendors ensure your data is always secure and available. 

Automatically coordinate incident resolvers across the organization and mobilize a war room via web conference, chat, or API. Use our templates to keep stakeholders, customers and partners informed throughout the lifecycle of an event through jargone-free notifications. Further, AlertOps can also integrate with emergency alerting systems to escalate incidents to operation managers and executives. 

Issues arising from a crisis can be numerous and vary in both severity and business impact. Rapidly prioritize issues according to their impact to employees, customers, and the business overall. Communicate effectively with the business and other stakeholders using AlertOps triggered processes to update them about emerging situations.  

Timely and clear communication increase confidence and reduce panic with standardized email templates and dashboards. Empower teams with sophisticated automation capabilities that quickly and accurately orchestrate the right response, every time. Go from a one-person responder triage to mobilizing the right cross-functional team in seconds from any device. An efficient orchestration keeps stakeholders throughout the business informed in real time, empowering the entire company to collaborate and respond proactively. 

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If you’re still relying on spreadsheets, and outdated processes with basic messaging capabilities then you’re leaving valuable time on the table – likely impacting customer experience. Ready to transform how you respond during major outages?

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