AlertOps for DevOps

The AlertOps platform provides real-time collaboration and communication, alert escalation, and state-of-the-art incident monitoring capabilities, so your DevOps team can use our platform to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently than ever before.

Manage Incidents — Anywhere, Anytime


Thanks to AlertOps, your DevOps team can manage open, view, and assign alerts on Android and iOS devices, receive unlimited push notifications, and see who’s on call via our mobile app. DevOps team members can even set up unique alert tones to notify them if a notification is critical.

Drive Real-Time Communication and Collaboration


AlertOps offers pre-built integrations for Slack and Microsoft Teams. DevOps team members can use these integrations to discuss alerts in Slack and Microsoft Teams, send responses to your ticketing system, assign owners to tickets, and close tickets — all in real-time.

Extend the Power of Your ITSM Tool


Pre-configured two-way AlertOps integrations are available for the most-popular ITSM tools. In addition, the AlertOps Open REST API and Open Email APIs enable your DevOps team to integrate AlertOps into virtually any tool or system in your monitoring stack.

Use the Tools That Work for You


Inbound and outbound AlertOps integrations are designed to work with the tools your DevOps team use every day. They allow your DevOps team to customize alert content, send relevant information to each recipient, deliver messages according to preset escalation policies, and more.

Automate Your Process Using Workflows


Custom two-way AlertOps integrations and workflows ensure the right DevOps team members receive the right alert, at the right time, every time. Plus, AlertOps’ no-code inbound APIs and pre-built integrations empower your DevOps team to build a fully integrated and automated incident response system.

Automate DevOps Orchestration

AlertOps automatically orchestrates incident response across your enterprise, so your DevOps team is never left in the dark. In doing so, AlertOps helps your DevOps team foster a collaborative, high-performing culture, simplify its everyday operations, and achieve its goals. Create secure automation integrations with services without writing any code. Invoke automations either manually or through Workflows.

Build Powerful Workflows with Dynamic Escalation Rules

Your DevOps team can use AlertOps to quickly and effectively address IT problems before they impact your customers, employees, and other stakeholders. After IT problems are resolved, your DevOps team can leverage Post Mortem Reports to understand their impact and explore ways to prevent them from happening once again.

Create Tickets — Automatically or Manually

With AlertOps, your DevOps team can instantly send alerts to multiple departments or teams at the same time or as needed using templates. Also, DevOps team members can open tickets manually, select specific department or team members, and notify these stakeholders individually.

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Your DevOps team can deploy AlertOps to prioritize critical incidents, communicate and collaborate with other departments and teams in real-time, and accelerate incident response.
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