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Empower your team with digital signals and human response behaviors during an event to generate actionable insights.

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The AlertOps platform provides operational intelligence into the people, processes, and technologies used in event management and incident response. In doing so, your enterprise can use our platform to review digital signals and human response behaviors during an event, generate actionable event insights, and find ways to eliminate downtime, outages, and other event issues.

Create Rich Alerts

AlertOps rich alerts deliver timely, relevant, and accurate event details, so your team can initiate incident response right away. Our alerts can include graphs, images, and links. Plus, you can use our custom messages to immediately disseminate event details to speed up incident response.

Add Context to Your Alerts

AlertOps alerts ensure your team can share the right information, with the right team members, at the right time. AlertOps allows you to add information from your monitoring system to an event alert. That way, team members can get the event information they need, exactly when they need it.

AlertOps makes it easy to send emails in rich text and HTML, and it provides you with the flexibility to add run book links as needed. As a result, your team can instantly access run books and determine which actions are required to resolve an incident quickly.

AlertOps offers dashboard links that your team can include in event alerts. Our dashboards provide a centralized location where team members can access visualized insights from event data. Team members can also view open and recent activity from the main dashboard, so they can see alerts before responding.

Reduce Alert Noise

AlertOps connects your monitoring tools and allows your team to view all event data in a single location. Our platform's automated filters and routing capabilities merge and eliminate redundant alerts, so team members only receive pertinent information. In addition, AlertOps suppresses alerts when there is already an open alert for the same event.

Set up rules to delay alerts while they self-correct

Multiple options to set up delays to allow noisy alerts to self-correct. AlertOps will not create alerts until the conditions are satisfied.

Maintenance Windows

Create Maintenance Windows so you don’t get alerted while performing server updates.

Prioritize your Alerts

Prioritize Escalation rules based on Event Data so your teams can focus on CRITICAL incidents before moving on to lower severity incidents.

Route Alerts to the Right Team Members

AlertOps smart routing ensures event alerts are sent to the right people based on event data.

Take Quick Actions

Run an automation task with a single click.

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