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Use the tools your team is already using – and extend them.
Easily connect your build, deployment, monitoring, software tracking, service desk, and testing tools to improve real-time collaboration. Push code faster, with the agility to automate tasks, and empower key people at critical times, while minimizing downtime.

Playbook Automation for DevOps Teams

Notify key teams before critical code goes live in production.
When incidents occur, your teams should respond around a standard policy. That means giving engineers time to resolve issues, while simultaneously notifying Management, PR, Partners, and others at different times within SLA. This full court press approach truly helps accelerate incident resolution. Notify teams based on advanced rules, restart servers, block IP addresses, create and update status pages, automate escalations, trigger repair operations, and trigger specific actions when a test passes or fails. Whatever your use-cases, they can be partially or fully automated to fix problems, improve up time, and ship code faster.

Empower Your Teams to Take Decisive Action with SmartAlerts™

SmartAlerts™ give your teams the tools they need to take immediate action.
Customize your alert messages with runbook links, graphs, PDFs or other attachments and combine granular data from multiple sources using an Open API so you can take decisive action. SmartAlerts™ on the mobile app also give your team powerful actions on the go – so you can do things like restart a specific server from anywhere, at any time. The AlertOps™ mobile app is second to none, and offers your team more functionality at their fingertips.
We're really happy with the service. It has reduced our response times by at least 50% on business critical issues, across our 12 brand sites.
Pete Buzzell eCommerce Tech Manager, Wolverine Worldwide
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