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Role-Based Security

AlertOps features a role-based security model for the security of your enterprise. It comes with four built-in roles; App Admin, Default, Group Manager, and Send Message. It allows you to assign users to specific security roles as needed.


Assign users to security roles. Limit user actions based on their roles. Users will see only those alerts they are entitled to based on their role. You can also limit users to see only their own or their team’s alerts, even in the mobile app.

Configurable security to match your enterprise requirements

Customize your security roles. Create read-only roles, or admin-only roles. Or, create roles that do allow broader views of data across the enterprise. Our alerts use security trimming, so users will see only those items to which they have entitlements.

Security Alerts

Get alerts when user security changes are made. When a user is added to the system the user receives an email with a link they use to log in to AlertOps and complete their profile. Whenever a key user profile property is modified, an audit record is recorded and that user receives an alert notifying them what was changed and who made the change.

Delegate Group Administration

Keep your support staff out of the day to day business of managing team schedules and individual user profiles with delegated administration. Each team can have a designated administrator to manage things like schedules, or, allow team members to manage their team’s schedules.

Accelerate your real-time operations.

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