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Manage Major Incidents. Accelerate delivery of key public services—all with greater operational efficiency and at lower costs.

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According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute

Ready to orchestrate major incident resolution?

If you’re still relying on spreadsheets, pagers, and manual processes, then you’re leaving valuable time on the table. Improve your policies and platform:

  • Alert Blasts - Page-out to multi-team group structures, use pre-built message templates, and always know who was notified. Alert teams with HTML, dynamic content, graphs, images, Runbook links, or bridge access.
  • Industry-leading Scheduling - Create complex schedules that reflect your unique needs. Automate processes using a powerful no-code workflow engine with automatic escalations and escalation groups.
  • Live Call Routing - Route inbound calls to on-call team members in real-time. Callers never hit a dead end. Resolve complex incidents faster with team structures that mirror real-world teams.

Improve Collaboration Between Your Platforms, People, and Processes Like Never Before.

Resolve Major Incidents at Light-speed with Improved Granularity and Flexibility.

Reduce Mean time to Repair (MTTR) with SmartAlerts™ and an advanced workflow engine that uses a no-code, Open API – giving you granular options and enhanced capabilities to keep up with your university’s digital transformation efforts.

For example, when an incident occurs, automatically open a ticket in ServiceNow, create and update a Microsoft Teams channel, update your Status Page, and notify your on-call team based on the type of incident – simultaneously.

You can also manually page your teams, departments, or the entire organization with preset templates for critical scenarios – AlertOps does all the heavy lifting (who, what, when, how) for you - simplifying ITSM processes.

Supercharge your Major Incident Response

Protect your agency and improve stakeholder experiences?

When major incidents happen, you need certain procedures and policies followed - based on industry best practices.

Custom playbooks with AlertOps enables your organization to automate incident escalation and and process workflows based on your pre-defined policy and communication plan – what tools and people should take action, and when. And after it's all over, you’ll have the reports, KPI’s, and leverage to improve and make adjustments for next time - allowing for greater visibility and accountability.

Having an automated and centralized solution results in a clear connection between productivity and collaboration.

When a major incident occurs, getting everyone on a bridge to identify the issue, and develop recovery plans is the priority. It’s effective [and] we use it on a daily basis.
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