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Foster an IT environment that motivates staff to succeed by mitigating against significant impacts to facilities while improving operational efficiencies

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Ready to orchestrate major incident resolution?

If you’re still relying on spreadsheets, pagers, and manual processes, then you’re leaving valuable time on the table. Improve your policies and platform:

  • Role Based Security - Assign users to specific security roles as needed with AlertOps’ role-based security. Give team members the access they need to resolve issues, without compromising organizational security. Protecting patient data is of utmost priority. 
  • Workflows - AlertOps’ workflows automate system integrations, streamline your incident response, and enable you to better communicate with stakeholders and patients.
  • Live Call Routing - Route inbound calls to on-call team members in real-time. Callers never hit a dead end. Resolve complex incidents faster with team structures that mirror real-world teams.

Improve Collaboration Between Your Platforms, People, and Processes Like Never Before.

Resolve Major Incidents at Light-speed with Improved Granularity and Flexibility.

Reduce Mean time to Repair (MTTR) with SmartAlerts™ and an advanced workflow engine that uses a no-code, Open API – giving you granular options and enhanced capabilities to keep up with your healthcare provider's IT modernization efforts.

For example, when an incident occurs, automatically open a ticket in Cherwell, create and update a Microsoft Teams channel, update your Status Page, and notify your on-call team based on the type of incident – simultaneously.

You can also manually page your team, department, or the entire organization with preset templates for critical scenarios – AlertOps does all the heavy lifting (who, what, when, how) for you - simplifying ITSM processes.

Supercharge your Major Incident Response

Protect your institution and improve staff experiences

When major incidents happen, you need certain procedures and policies followed - based on industry best practices.

Custom playbooks with AlertOps enables your organization to automate incident escalation and and process workflows based on your pre-defined policy and communication plan – what tools and people should take action, and when. And after it's all over, you’ll have the reports, KPI’s, and leverage to improve and make adjustments for next time - allowing for greater visibility and accountability.

Having an automated and centralized solution results in a clear connection between productivity and collaboration – meeting the needs of your IT department’s reliability to the health care provider.

We work for the Emergency Department 24/7, and it's imperative that we don't miss any calls. It's important also that the calls are transferred to the right person. Alerts are working for us!
Victoria B. CEO , Hospital & Health Care
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